The power of the Aromatherapy of GGcare Products oncology

The power of the Aromatherapy of GGcare Products oncology

It is clear that cosmetic products are made for the skin’s care, but our first instinct is to smell them and it is after this moment, if we like the smell, that we test them in our skin to see their texture, absorption, etc.

And our first instinct is completely right, because each of the essences or smells of our world cause different emotions in us. We do good by picking those products oncology that we like because of their scent, since otherwise we would end up hating them or just stop using them before they would cause discomfort due to its smell.

Essential oils have lots of properties that help us palliate the pain in a natural way. Also, essential oils used in aromatherapy can influence our emotional state.

The principal reason of GGcare products’ existence is to dedicate them to women that have to endure cancer treatments that affect their mood as well as their skin.
That’s why every GGcare product is scented with very specific essential oils, so that the aroma provides emotional positivity.

These oils are:

–      Essential orange oil: relaxing and sedating.
–      Essential lavender oil: antidepressant and calming.

And our 100% pure Rosehip Oil, with essential rose oil, that has relaxing effects.

Thanks to these essential oils, the first contact that you have with GGcare products is a wave of good and positive sensations that will join you during the day or the night.

We are looking forward to contribute to provide these wellness effects with our products.

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