GGcare regenerates the skin and help your emotions to calm down.

GGcare regenerates the skin and help your emotions to calm down.

Around this time of the year, we accumulate memories, events, nerves and a combination of emotions that disturb our ordinariness.

GGcare’s regenerative night cream contains essential oils with aromatherapy effects that will make your night rest more relaxing.

A pleasant fragrance will join you to boost the calm that we all are looking for in the last moments of the day, especially this time of the year, full of emotional disturbances.

Also, GGcare’s regenerative night cream contains all the natural ingredients to improve cutaneous regeneration of all skin types, especially those that are exposed to cancer treatments.

It contains probiotics that improve skin renewal and its own defences, soy bean proteins that regenerate DNA, corn oil extract that has anti-inflammatory and calming effects and sunflower oil molecules that realign the skin.


At night, when you are going to sleep, give yourself 5 minutes to clean and pamper your face.

After cleaning your skin, tap your face gently with your fingers to activate the blood circulation on your face.

Apply GGcare’s regenerative cream all over your face with a gentle massage with your fingers and not forgetting to apply it on your neck too.

Make these few minutes your nightly routine. Use this moment to enjoy your facial massage feeling your skin fresh and aromatized. It is important to feel how your breath flows to feel the moment.

The effects of aromatherapy will comfort you and will help you prepare your face to initiate the relaxation to a restful sleep.

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