Do you know the properties of Indian incense? GGcare’s Calming Body Cream contains this marvellous natural ingredient

Do you know the properties of Indian incense? GGcare’s Calming Body Cream contains this marvellous natural ingredient

Boswellia or Indian incense is the name of a tree original from India and grown at present in south Asia and north Africa. It grows like a bush in mountain areas with alkaline soil and it adapts perfectly in very hot climates, even without water.
An incense with exceptional healing properties is extracted from the resin of its bark.

There are lots of types of bushes from this species and the most used for medical treatments is Boswellia Serrata (the type of incense that it produces is called Salai).

It is very known for its oily and aromatic resin, with medicinal and anti-inflammatory properties.
Since ancient times, it was already used in India to elaborate soap, perfumes, cosmetics and masks to take care of the skin and rejuvenate it.

In Ayurvedic medicine, it is still used to improve health and prevent diseases.
This incense has a soft and relaxing smell and it is also used to celebrate religious ceremonies and propitiate moments of meditation and relaxation.


The process of extraction is still nowadays artisanal. Cuts are made on Boswellia trees to obtain slices of bark from which an oily resin (like a milky sap) with gummy texture comes out. It is left naturally solidifying outdoors.
The next step is to gather the hardened resin and extract the Indian incense with all its excellent beauty and medicinal properties.


The concentration of its active principles adds an extraordinary power as an antioxidant, antimicrobial and antifungicide. We can find boswellic acid between its components. It is a great natural anti-inflammatory agent.

In GGcare we use extract of Indian incense Boswellia Serrata Gum to magnify its calming, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties.

In GGcare we have formulated our calming body cream for all types of skin that are tired, irritated, dehydrated or very sensitive.

This calming cream will ease the itching of the skin, regardless of its origin: insect bites, kidney failure, chemotherapy, radiotherapy, tension and any other cause of itching.

You can apply the calming cream after your daily shower or at any other moment of the day when you feel itchy. You will notice its effects immediately, feeling the itching sensation progressively going away.

It is a super moisturizing cream and it will also relax you and help you reduce your skin’s darker areas thanks to the Indian incense.

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