Discover the properties of Wheat Germ. GGcare suggests you a Soapy Oil so you enjoy its properties in your daily shower

Discover the properties of Wheat Germ. GGcare suggests you a Soapy Oil so you enjoy its properties in your daily shower

Wheat germ essential oil is the part where all cereal nutrients are concentrated. The ideal procedure to maintain all of its excellent natural properties is extraction via first cold pressure.
Once the essential oil is obtained, we can use it by itself or with other ingredients to use i ton our skin.


It is an essential active principle to keep our skin and hair moisturized, nourished and protected from free radicals, bacterial infections and fungicides.
Wheat germ oil has a high percentage of vitamins B6 and E, phosphorus, iron, potassium, and other minerals, proteins, trace elements and antioxidants.

GGcare’s Purifying Soapy Oil is formulated to take care of your skin and give you the hydration that your skin lacks of in cases of dermatitis, skin cancer or just hypersensitive skins that need a huge quantity of nutrients to be healthy.
Use it in your daily shower or bath and it will help you clean your face and body while it will also strengthen, nourish, moisturize and protect your skin.

Use your daily bath or shower to enjoy the moment “here and now”. It is important to learn how to be aware of the power of “now”, only this way you will be able to really live.

Try to start the day by feeling your skin healthy and nurtured. Enjoy the comfort given by GGcare’s Soapy Oil, it will bring you relaxation for your organism and the essential oils will improve your mood.

·         You can use your shower time to remove your make-up from your face with the purifying soapy oil.
·         You have to remember that wheat germ oil contains gluten (in minimal doses). We always advise that allergic people should be informed.
·         As this product has active principles and aromatherapy, it is recommended not to keep it in exposed places with constant high temperatures.

BENEFITS of the wheat germ FOR SKIN AND HAIR

It has high content in nutrientsanti-radicalsvitamins from groups B and E and natural active principles that nourish and protect our skin and hair.

–          Wheat germ oil is relaxing for our organism.
–          It relaxes, moisturizes and nourishes your body. It also improves blood flow underneath the dermis.
–          Its antioxidant agents protect your body and delay the skin’s aging.
–          It restores irritated and damaged skin and it improves its elasticity.
–          It is a daily protection against skin cancer.
–          It regenerates areas of the skin that have psoriasis or eczema.
–          It smooths wrinkles and gives your face and body a high hydration.

–          It helps keeping a smooth blood flow and avoiding cardiovascular diseases.
–          It stimulates hair growth and protects it from falling.
–          It hydrates deeply your hair and nourishes it from the root to the ends.
–          It reduces frizziness and flyaways.
–          It improves hydration and shining.
–          It protects your scalp by taking care of the Ph of the area. It also is an antibacterial and fungicidal agent.
–          It restores the split ends by sealing them with the oils.
–          You will notice that your hair is much smoother and less tangled.
–          It is wonderful. It strengthens, protects and nourishes your hair and it doesn’t make it greasy. It also removes dandruff.

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