Body Cream to calm itching

Body Cream to calm itching

Especially recommended for cancer patients

One of the most common and annoying side effects of chemotherapy, dialysis and other chemical treatments are itching, redness and dryness in many areas of the body.
From now on, you will have a natural product to feel relief and well-being immediately.

GGcare’s Calming Body Cream is formulated to completely relieve those daily inconveniences. Its natural ingredients have regenerative properties and they protect from radiation, reduce inflammation, prevent infections, smooth the skin and restore and stabilize the skin’s welfare.

GGcare carried out a study with cancer patients and the results were verified with 100% of efficiency, satisfaction and comfort after testing the calming cream. Its Orange and lavender essential oils, with aromatherapy effects, will bring you positive sensations.

You can use this product on every skin type. It is made for skins that are delicate, dehydrated, irritated, hypersensitive and damaged by any natural or chemical agent.

If you are pregnant, GGcare’s Calming Body Cream Will take care of you by moisturizing, nourishing, reducing inflammation and mitigating the itching produced by the skin’s tightness and dryness.

Patients in dialysis treatments suffer from very harmful side effects that affect the skin. The calming cream will relieve any discomfort.
Use it to heal insect bites. It will immediately ease the inflammation and the slightly harmful itching.


This calming cream is formulated to be applied all over the body. It is very recommendable to use it after your daily shower.
It is a very moisturizing cream that can be applied as many times per day as necessary, in the areas that feel itchy or sore.

ITS ACTIVE PRINCIPLES. Healthy for your skin

Base: natural active principles

–          Calamine: (zinc oxide + iron oxide): Calms itching, protects and it is antiseptic.
–          Zinc oxide: Calms and protects  from radiation.
–          Indian incense: anti-inflammatory, calming, reduces irritation.
–          Chamomile flower essential oil: smooths, calms, it is anti-inflammatory and desensitizing.

Fragrance: first cold pressure

Orange essential oil: Relaxing and sedative.
Lavender essential oil: Antidepressant and calming.

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